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Subject Homilist Date File Size
Look UpFr. Pilmaiken LezanoAugust 13, 20178.82MB
Transfigured Through ObedienceFr. John NemanicAugust 6, 20176.27MB
Wisdom is the Pearl of Great PriceFr. John NemanicJuly 30, 20175.34MB
Communion Makes Good SoilFr. John NemanicJuly 28, 20172.00MB
Mercy and the Weeds in God's KingdomDcn. Art BeaubienJuly 23, 20174.16MB
Vincit qui se VincitFr. Cristino BouvetteJuly 16, 20174.79MB
Blessed are the MeekFr. John NemanicJuly 9, 20174.70MB
Community vs. ChurchDcn. Art BeaubienJuly 2, 20174.89MB
Watching the Sparrow FallFr. Cristino BouvetteJune 25, 20175.13MB
The Eucharist is the MiracleFr. Cristino BouvetteJune 18, 20175.34MB
The Trinity's Love Seeks & Saves UsFr. John NemanicJune 11, 20175.35MB
The Church Thrives Through the Holy SpiritFr. John NemanicJune 4, 20175.62MB
In-Between TimesDcn. Art BeaubienMay 28, 20174.87MB
First Communion HomilyDcn. Art BeaubienMay 27, 20174.59MB
Suffering Can Announce Good NewsFr. John NemanicMay 21, 20175.39MB
Holy Mass: The Way, The Truth & The LifeFr. Cristino BouvetteMay 14, 20174.16MB
The Priest as GateFr. Cristino BouvetteMay 07, 20174.76MB
Shepherds and HeroesFr. John NemanicMay 07, 20177.13MB
Our Hearts Burn With JesusFr. John NemanicApril 30, 20175.19MB
It's About FaithDc. Art BeaubienApril 23, 20175.10MB
Proof From What's Left BehindFr. Cristino BouvetteApril 16, 20174.40MB
Easter LilliesFr. John NemanicApril 15, 20174.86MB
What's Good About Friday?Fr. John NemanicApril 14, 20175.07MB
The Martyrs’ Response to SufferingFr. Cristino BouvetteApril 14, 20173.98MB
Going to the Garden of GethsemaneFr. Cristino BouvetteApril 13, 20175.26MB
Following Jesus into Holy WeekFr. Cristino BouvetteApril 9, 20171.17MB
Weeping For Your SinsFr. Cristino BouvetteApril 2, 20175.36MB
Jesus Brings Us HomeFr. John NemanicApril 2, 20175.91MB
Blindness Leads us to JesusFr. John NemanicMarch 26, 20174.12MB
Colour Blindness & Original SinFr. Cristino BouvetteMarch 26, 20173.99MB
Living WaterDc. Art BeaubienMarch 19, 20174.35MB
Raphael's TransfigurationFr. Cristino BouvetteMarch 12, 20174.72MB
Light In The DarknessFr. John NemanicMarch 12, 20174.60MB
Lent: Re-Create A New SpringtimeFr. John NemanicMarch 5, 20174.62MB
Deliver Us From EvilFr. Cristino BouvetteMarch 5, 20174.53MB
We Could Have Been AshesFr. Cristino BouvetteMarch 1, 20173.30MB
The Church, An OasisFr. John NemanicFebruary 26, 20175.81MB
Guest HomilyFr. Bill StephensonFebruary 19, 20173.92MB
Dc. Art - HomilyDc. Art BeaubienFebruary 19, 20174.40MB
Guest HomilyFr. Jack BastigalFebruary 12, 20173.85MB
God’s Unchanged, Unchangeable Plan for MarriageFr. Cristino BouvetteFebruary 12, 20176.14MB
Spiritual SaltFr. John NemanicFebruary 5, 20173.82MB
Salt + Light = SaintFr. Cristino BouvetteFebruary 5, 20175.06MB
Happiness CakeFr. Cristino BouvetteJanuary 29, 20174.13MB
The Beatitudes bring us HappinessFr. John NemanicJanuary 29, 20174.03MB
The Church Soars to Bring People to GodFr. John NemanicJanuary 22, 20175.68MB
Imperative RepentanceFr. Cristino BouvetteJanuary 22, 20174.72MB
The Lamb of God - Good NewsDc. Art BeaubienJanuary 15, 20174.96MB
The Epiphany of the Holy MassFr. Cristino BouvetteJanuary 8, 20173.92MB
Seek His JoyFr. John NemanicJanuary 8, 20175.36MB
The Most Powerful WomanFr. John NemanicDecember 31, 20164.30MB
An Excellent Mother of Excellent ChildrenFr. Cristino BouvetteDecember 31, 20164.70MB
God with Us, EmmanuelFr. John NemanicDecember 25, 20162.80MB
How Much Are You Worth?Fr. John NemanicDecember 24, 20166.10MB
An IKEA Present for JesusFr. Cristino BouvetteDecember 24, 20164.59MB
St. Joseph - No ExcusesDc. Art BeaubienDecember 18, 20164.49MB
The Smile of the BaptistFr. Cristino BouvetteDecember 11, 20164.63MB
Be Smart, Be PatientFr. John NemanicDecember 18, 20164.98MB
With the Holy Spirit and FireFr. Cristino BouvetteDecember 4, 20164.39MB
Forgiveness Brings RenewalFr. John NemanicDecember 4, 20164.89MB
A New Year's ResolutionFr. John NemanicNovember 27, 20165.16MB
Confirmation Pt. 2/2Bishop HenryNovember 21, 20166.05MB
Confirmation Pt. 1/2Bishop HenryNovember 21, 20167.04MB
Christ The KingDc. Art BeaubienNovember 20, 20165.29MB
Where Was The Catholic Version of Trump?Fr. Cristino BouvetteNovember 13, 20165.53MB
Christian Struggle Brings GreatnessFr. John NemanicNovember 13, 20164.04MB
Who Needs PurgatoryFr. Cristino BouvetteNovember 6, 20163.81MB
We Are The Image Of The ResurrectionFr. John NemanicNovember 6, 20164.63MB
When the LORD Calls… NOT the EuthanizerFr. Cristino BouvetteOctober 30, 20165.45MB
Jesus Comes HomeFr. John NemanicOctober 30, 20165.67MB
God Rescues to Exalt UsFr. John NemanicOctober 23, 20164.90MB
What Kind of Ignorant are You?Fr. Cristino BouvetteOctober 23, 20164.33MB
God's Mercy PersistsFr. John NemanicOctober 16, 20165.55MB
What's the Use of Praying? Fr. Cristino BouvetteOctober 16, 20164.77MB
ThanksgivingDc. Art BeaubienOctober 9, 20165.18MB
Semper FidelisFr. Cristino BouvetteOctober 2, 20164.58MB
Faith Gives Us LifeFr. John NemanicOctober 2, 20164.35MB
What if Lazarus was Pregnant?Fr. Cristino BouvetteSeptember 25. 20164.96MB
Together We're More Than AloneFr. John NemanicSeptember 18. 20165.28MB
Shrewd StewardsFr. Cristino BouvetteSeptember 18. 20163.57MB
Let Peace Begin With MeDcn. Art BeaubienSeptember 11, 20164.82MB
Mercy Makes us SaintsFr. John NemanicSeptember 4, 20162.24MB
Guest HomilyBishop HenrySeptember 4, 20166.77MB
Our Vocation is The Love of Jesus Fr. Cristino BouvetteSeptember 4, 20164.73MB
Humility Makes Us HumanFr. John NemanicAugust 28, 20165.64MB
A Humble CardinalFr. Cristino BouvetteAugust 28, 20164.33MB
The Narrow Path to HeavenFr. Cristino BouvetteAugust 21, 20164.42MB
Jesus' Disciples Seek ExcellenceFr. John NemanicAugust 21, 20165.10MB
Mercy is God's Prophetic WelcomeFr. John NemanicAugust 14, 20165.85MB
You're Not You... When You PresumeFr. Cristino BouvetteAugust 14, 20164.91MB
Faith is Our Greatest GiftFr. John NemanicAugust 7, 20167.26MB
Seeing With FaithFr. Cristino BouvetteAugust 7, 20164.99MB